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Ad agency starts casting for PR campaign | Full salary: $1600


03/10/2021 - 23/10/2021 All Day


Munich, Germany

Type of work: Actor

Categories of job: Parts Modeling

Number of vacancies: 7

Estimated time of shooting (in days): 20

Salary (per day in $): 80

Full salary: $1600

Transport costs: Reimburses Performer

Accommodation costs: Reimburses Performer

Readiness to go abroad: Not applicable


Sex: Female


Skin phototype: Not applicable

Hair color: Not applicable

Eye color: Blue

Hair length: Short

Height: Not applicable

Waist: Not applicable

Height: Not applicable

Hip width: less than 90

Chest perimetr: Not applicable

Required experience: Advanced

Direct contact:

Business Name: Bail Unit Bail Bonds[br]Whittier, CA[br]7124 Lynalan Avenue 90606


Bonjour,[br]We need a model for broadcast.[br]Send in your application by Application or by direct contact to submit your application. [br]We look forward to hearing from you! [br]

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